Green Martians

There are many examples of cool green Martian art. They are described in great detail and completely, meaning men, women and children. Their culture is probably more defined than the red Martian culture. There was only one way I wanted to deviate from the common portrayal of them and it involved returning to the original text.

Green Martians have six limbs. Almost without exception they are drawn with two legs and four arms, usually set on two human-looking torsos. On rare occasion they have a squat first torso, like a gorilla, with the lower set of arms springing from it. The problem is, the second set of arms, the lower set, are specifically described as usable as arms *or* legs.

I loved the idea of making them almost centaur-like. Being able to use two, three, or four legs, while using two, three or four arms, provides for several cool things. One, I could design a great combat style for them. Two, I solve the problem of their great height: green Martians are described as around 15 ft tall. There are many cheats people have used to be able to frame them in the same scene as someone 6 ft tall, but putting them on four legs would make it easy. And, finally, it was more accurate to the source material. There may be other versions out there that reflect their interchangeability, but I haven't seen them.