Dejah Thoris

As written, Dejah is little more than a generic love interest for Carter. Because she is described as "naked" she is a popular subject for fan artwork; especially commissioning portraits from professional artists at comic-book conventions. Unfortunately, she has become both iconic and stereotypical of the generic, big-busted fantasy heroine.

Taking the emphasis off her bust line was easy; I simply returned to Burrough's original writing and his specific references to her slender, girlish figure. Harder, is fleshing out her character without compromising that same writing. Creating depth, though, doesn't have to be through actions or dialog not true to the source material.

What I ended up liking was the idea of adding layers to her appearance, of making her ornamentations an unspoken part of a richer history. I designed how a slender young woman would dress up to project the air of a Princess. This would not only allude to her deeper persona, but provide an insight to the red Martian culture overall.